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 What is FCCLA?


Family, Career and Community Leaders of America,

Inc. (FCCLA) is a nonprofit national Career and

Technical Student Organization for young men and

women in Family and Consumer Sciences education

in public and private schools through grade 12.

FCCLA: The Ultimate Leadership Experience has

more than 220,000 members and more

than 7,000 advisers from 50 state

associations including Puerto

Rico and the Virgin Islands. The

organization has involved more

than 10 million youth since its

founding in 1945.

FCCLA is unique among youth organizations because its programs

are planned and run by members.

It is the only career and technical

in-school student organization with

the family as its central focus. Participation

in national programs and chapter

activities helps members become strong

leaders in families, careers, and communities.

Involvement in FCCLA offers members

the opportunity to expand their leadership

potential and develop skills for life-planning,

goal setting, problem solving, decision

making, and interpersonal communication-

necessary in the home and workplace.

To promote personal growth and leadership

development through Family and Consumer

Sciences education.

Focusing on the multiple roles of family

member, wage earner and community leader,

members develop skills for life through-

  • character development
  • creative and critical thinking
  • interpersonal communication
  • practical knowledge and
  • career preparation