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Mrs.  Janette  Schmidt
MCHS Principal
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Principal's Corner

Exciting Times in the Greenwave Nation

Things are changing rapidly in the world of education at a state and national level. All of those changes are impacting what we do at MCHS on a daily basis. Your child is attending school at a time when there are more tests and assessments than ever before, and at a time when there is a greater expectation that all students are exposed to the most rigorous curriculum that is available. We think this is good news because we know that the changes that we are implementing are all part of a well-rounded curriculum that will ensure that your son or daughter is well prepared for life after high school. I want you to be aware of these things, because you are the best support network for your child.


Your child is also attending school at a time when there are more opportunities to get involved in the campus life at MCHS. If your child is interested in athletics, music, service projects, career pathways, or just being in a group, we have a group for your child and we would encourage him/her to get involved. We do know that students who are involved in school activities are more likely to be successful in school than those who are not.


if you have any questions about these two specific items, or about any other part of MCHS, please don't hesitate to call us.




Janette Schmidt