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Meade County High School Resource Officer

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Deputy Phillip Wimpee Phone Icon 270-422-7515 Email Icon Email
  MEADE COUNTY SHERIFF OFFICE Phone Icon 270-422-4937


Phillip Wimpee SRO
Phillip Wimpee SRO

The function of the School Resource officer is to collaborate on-site with the school administration and staff to investigate crime on school property, incorporate crime prevention into the school curriculum and enhance communication with the community through the school setting. This is accomplished through maintaining a safe and secure school environment by establishing a permanent office in the school. Keeping abreast of elements and incidents that threaten the students or school and assisting school staff with the development of safety procedures. Through talking to students and staff and going into classrooms, the SRO is able to provide education on prevention to the school community and develop programs with the school staff. They also act as a liaison for other agencies.

The School Resource Officer presents a positive role model and mentor to the school community. By being actively in the school, the SRO can provide individual mentoring to students, fostering a positive image so that enhanced communication with students, staff and parents can exist. The SRO also can attend extra-curricular activities in support of the school community. In addition, the SRO is responsible for receiving and investigating reports from the school staff and determining if it is required to report the incident under the mandatory school reporting law. The SRO handles investigations involving the students, staff, transportation and school property.