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Meade County Lady Wave Volleyball

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MCHS Volleyball Program


“Good Players Inspire Themselves,

                       Great Players Inspire Others”


Program Mission


The mission of the MCHS Volleyball program is to help young women achieve their best academic, athletic and personal potential during their years at Meade County High School. The program strives to help aid in the development of character and independence of our student-athletes. Following their playing days with MCHS Volleyball, it is our mission that volleyball student-athletes emerge as healthy, independent and pro-active leaders in the community.


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Program Goals

1.Provide tools to help with becoming successful.

2. Instill a life-long passion and love for the game of volleyball.

3. Connection to learning life lessons through the game of volleyball.

4.Instruction aligned with teamwork, dedication, integrity, responsibility and leadership.


"Players on a team, working together, can accomplish greater amounts of true success than as individuals," is the message the MCHS Volleyball program wants all players associated with the program to learn. The program strives on the outlook, “The MCHS Volleyball program will not define success by championships or trophies, success will be achieved by the players  as they improve and grow in academics, community life and on the court.”