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Call for appointments to register new students.
During the Summer MCHS offers many programs, practices and Summer Camps for students....
Summer Schedules and Information
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Justin "Pooh" Sipes, Dr. Jason Glass, Michael Cundiff, Chaselyn Algeier, oSha Shireman, Thomas Wilson, Nick Mattingly, Ryan Sipes, Lucas Butler,Scarlett Powers,Tiffany (Cross) Dill, Mike Addesa, John Cebak, Bo Wilson, B.J. Rosenberg,Alicia Hardesty, Ryan Sipes, Sonya (Stith) Williams, Korin Kormick, Lindsey (Roberts) Haukom
Alumni News
Students if:You’re smart, career-oriented and ready for a well-paying career...
KYFAME Program
A brief explanation of CCR
College & Career
Individual Learning Plan (ILP) at MCHS Students across Kentucky are completing...
Meade County High School is asking for everyone to help create a nut free environment,... World Food Program
Feed those in need with Free Rice
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MCAA/NAIA Guides for Student Athletes
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