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Snow Learning Days
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Tuesday, January 29, 2019
How to Turn in Snow Learning Days Work

Dear Parent/Guardian:


We are excited that we have been approved by the state to use Non-Traditional Instruction days in Meade County again this year. We will call these days Snow Learning Days. These days simply allow for the continuation of learning when students miss a day of regular instruction. Students will have the opportunity for skill reinforcement, remediation and enrichment through electronic or conventional paper lessons.


Our first two snow days of the year were normal snow days. Students will be out of school with no work to make up and we will add these days on to the school calendar. The first snow day will be made up by adding an instructional day for students onto the end of the school calendar. The second day will be made up on Presidents’ Day, which was originally designated as a holiday that could be used for makeup, if needed.


After that, you will know when we are using a Snow Learning Day because we will add that information to our announcement to call off school. The announcement will say, “There will be no school in Meade County today. Students will be expected to complete Snow Learning Day 1.”


We will send home a packet with each student that contains five days of work for Snow Learning. On day 1, you will complete the instruction sheet that says “Snow Learning Day 1” at the top. There will be an an assignment for each class that will need to be completed. Some work can be completed electronically. However, there will always be options for students who do not have Internet access at home.


The amount of work that each child is expected to do will vary by courses and by grade level, but it is certainly not our intention that your students be completing work for the entire duration of the normal school day.


If your student needs help with this work, your child’s teacher should be accessible at some point in the day via phone, email or other means of communication. Also, the packet will not be due until the fifth day upon our return to school. This will give your child plenty of time to seek help from their teacher once school is back in session.


Teachers and staff will also be working on these days, either at school or from home depending on weather conditions.


If you have further questions about Snow Learning days, please feel free to contact your Meade County High School.


Go Waves!


Janette Schmidt

Principal, Meade County High School


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