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FAQ About CEP Meals at MCHS
Posted On:
Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Meade County Schools

School Nutrition Office


Frequently Asked Questions


What is CEP?

Community Eligibility Provision gives school officials the option to provide free meals for every student in schools where at least 40 percent are directly certified students (they qualify for federal assistance).  The USDA administers this program under the National School Lunch Program. Participation from all students is critical to continue providing this program for all of our schools.


What is a Household Income Form (HIF)?

The HIF is used to determine eligibility for other educational benefits that are generally available to free or reduced students.  Funding and benefit examples include SEEK, Title 1, Fee waivers, Family Resource & Youth Service Centers, KEES Scholarships, Special Education, E-Rate, and much more.


When do I complete the HIF?

The HIF should be completed by each household and returned to school along with other first day paperwork being submitted.  Only one form per household is necessary therefore please include all students on one form.


Is the CEP program just for students?  What about staff, visiting family, etc.?

Yes, only enrolled students are eligible for free breakfast and lunch.  Staff and family members visiting their students during breakfast and lunch must continue to pay for meals.


Are a la carte items also free?

Only one reimbursable school breakfast and lunch per student is free.  Extra items and a la carte snacks will be sold at the published price. Students may purchase these items with cash or check.  A la carte items may also be purchased from the student’s current meal account. Payments may continue to be made to the meal account using MyPaymentsPlus at .  Students may not charge a la carte items.


For further assistance, please call the School Nutrition Office at 270.422.7510.


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