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Syllabus--English I  


English I-Mrs. Michelle Hobbs

2009-2010 Syllabus



Course Description:  Over the course of the year, students will read and critically analyze various works of literature from the following genres:  short works of fiction, non-fiction, the novel (To Kill a Mockingbird), poetry, and drama ("Romeo and Juliet").  Students will continue to do the following:  use all phases of the writing process as they produce writing pieces, study parts of speech, and participate in the Accelerated Reader Program.


At the beginning of each unit of study, students will receive a complete list of learning targets. Students will be expected to master each learning target as we move through the course of the unit. Student readiness will be assessed through non-graded, but recorded, formative assessments.


English I Grading                                                         MCHS Grading Scale              

Tests/ Projects                         40%                                          100-93               A

Daily Work/Homework                50%                                          92-84               B

Accelerated Reader Program       10%                                           83-75               C

Formative Assessments (FA's)        0%                                          74-65               D

                                                                                                 64-0                 F


Your student will be taking formative assessments which indicate student readiness to move forward with lessons. These assessments will be brief (2-5 questions), but are very important for assessing student learning. These assessments will be entered into Infinite Campus but will not be weight bearing. They will NOT affect your student's grades. Please be aware of this when you check your student's grades through Infinite Campus.


Homework:  All students should expect daily homework and/or reading.  Students who do not complete an assignment in class will be expected to finish it for homework.  At home, students may also need to study for tests and work on projects or writing assignments.  Students ALWAYS have reading homework-their AR book.  Students must come prepared (with materials and homework) and ready to work each and every day!


Missing Assignments:  An assignment turned in late must be completed, but may only receive 65%; however, some assignments will not be accepted late.  Students may use the Infinite Campus System to check their grades and missing work from any computer with Internet access.  This is also a great way for parents to monitor student performance.  Students who are absent should check the student handbook for work policies.  It is a good idea, especially if you're going to be absent multiple days, to make an "assignment request" from the office.


Expectations:  To create a positive learning environment for all students, students are expected to do the following:  follow school rules; come to class with materials, including an AR book; and be in class during instructional time (therefore, trips to the restroom, lockers, and office will be limited).


Wish List:  tissues,

paper towels,

and hand sanitizer

Supplies List:


*8 Tab dividers (preferably   

     with pockets)

*Supply of loose leaf paper

*Pencil and/or Pen (blue or

     black ink)


Syllabus--English I--READ 180  


English I-READ 180-Mrs. Michelle Hobbs

Collaborative Teacher:  Mrs. Regina Roberts


Read 180 Lab: Room 114

How this class works:  Students taking the READ 180 course will work through a series of three stations each day (Some days we may not complete all three stations but the concept is the same). Students will have time to work through a computer reading program, read silently, and complete English I activities with direct teacher instruction.


Silent Reading -

Read 180 book of your choice.

READ 180

Computer Program








Direct Teacher Instruction - English I Activities






The Read 180 Program is designed to assess the student's reading level.  The program provides daily instruction on the individual student's level and encourages growth and promotion as their reading level increases.  Students will be expected to read and pass the reading test on at least one Read 180 book of their choice per nine weeks.

Read 180 Grading System

Reading Quizzes                       33%

Daily Work                               33%

Daily Computer Work               34%

Supplies List


*Folder with center clips and


*Supply of loose leaf paper

*Pencil and/or Pen (blue or

     black ink)




Wish List:  tissues, paper towels, and hand sanitizer