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Carrie Gupton Staff Photo

STLP Digital Art 2 


Spider Girl


          On the day of Halloween, I felt like making a slightly creepy but fun piece. Even though the sketch took a very long time due to posing (the piece was not completed until three days after Halloween), but I think I managed to find a pose that matched the spider girl's mischievous behavior. 
          Figuring out her color scheme was not a major issue, at least for the face, hair, gloves, and eyes. Her color scheme was actually inspired by the orange-kneed spider (which are found in Mexico), which is why she has vibrant, bright orange hair. The clothing was the only obstacle while coloring. I had to find a nice contrast to her bright red eyes, so I chose a nice relaxing grey and a sky blue for the end of her sleeves and collar. The gold token in the center of her collar was just a last minute addition. I thought it was adorable, same with the bow in the back of her hair.