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Carrie Gupton Staff Photo

STLP Digital Art 2 

STLP Digital Art 2


Cozy Nights



Software Used: Krita

Before I began sketching my piece, the first thing that came to mind was “winter.” Usually when people think of winter, the first thought that comes to mind are cold temperatures and of course, snow. But I thought of implementing the warm, fuzzy feelings one has when a loved one is near. The two characters depicted in the image may be covered in snow, but they are fixed on each other, and not concerned about the freezing, almost numbing temperatures.

The whole process mainly consisted of using the line tool (pen tool) and also using a different line tool for the shading (which had multiple lines).


For coloring I tried to figure out which colors looked best with each other. Throughout my pieces I like to add contrasting colors to the characters outfits, so their not completely bland. And the colors ended up looking fantastic.


The trees were certainly the easiest part. To get a more “snowy” feel for the picture I used another tool to make splotchy snow pieces drizzle across the tree.