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Nick Funk Staff Photo
Mr.  Nick  Funk
Science/Boys Soccer Asst Coach
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Cell Alive

Evolutionary Webpage Web Quest

Photosynthesis Web Quest
Camron, I could not attach the actual page.  Click on this link and scroll down on the page until you see photosynthesis webquest and click on it.

Genetics Webquest

Meiosis Webquest

DNA Webquest

Exploring the Cell

Atoms Web Quest

Classroom Notes
Classroom Procedures


Create a Food Web


Bozeman Enzymes

Bozman Meiosis

Diffusion Virtual Lab

Evolution Webquest

Blue People

Punnett Square Webquest

Genetics Vocabulary

Pedigree Webquest

Practice EOC

Game Templates


Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

AP Biology
AP Biology Cliff Notes

Enzyme Quiz

DNA Replication

Bozeman Natural Selection

Bozeman Natural Selection Examples

Bozeman Evidence for Evolution

Peppered Moth Article

Phylogenic Trees

AP Exam Info

Exam Informational Page

AP Biology Curriculum Framework

Vocabulary Flash Cards


Test Prep Practice Test