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Sports Events
•  Bucanhan/Wardrip 2-4 (2 teams)  (Baseball)
Recurrence: Weekly from 8/12/2018 to 5/26/2019
•  High School Softball 6-8  (Baseball)
Recurrence: Weekly from 11/4/2018 to 5/26/2019
•  Ledford/White 4-6 (2 teams)  (Baseball)
Recurrence: Weekly from 8/5/2018 to 5/26/2019
•  Water Practice  (Boys/Girls Swimming)
Time: 3:30 PM
Recurrence: Weekly from 10/15/2018 to 12/17/2018
•  Tim Hipp 6-8  (Baseball)
Recurrence: Weekly from 8/6/2018 to 5/27/2019
•  Water Practice  (Boys/Girls Swimming)
Time: 3:30 PM
Recurrence: Weekly from 10/16/2018 to 12/18/2018
•  Stansbury/Neushwander 6-8 (2 teams)  (Baseball)
Recurrence: Weekly from 8/7/2018 to 5/28/2019
•  Hunter/Dowell 6-8 (2 teams)  (Baseball)
Recurrence: Weekly from 8/8/2018 to 5/29/2019
•  THANKSGIVING--NO PRACTICE  (Boys/Girls Swimming)
•  Mary Hayden 6-9  (Baseball)
Recurrence: Weekly from 8/23/2018 to 12/27/2018
•  Kirk/Ledford 6-8 (2 teams)  (Baseball)
Recurrence: Weekly from 8/10/2018 to 5/31/2019
•  Abell 12-2  (Baseball)
Recurrence: Weekly from 8/18/2018 to 5/25/2019
•  Barr 2-4  (Baseball)
Recurrence: Weekly from 10/13/2018 to 5/25/2019
•  Brittany Barr 7:30-8:30  (Baseball)
Recurrence: Weekly from 10/27/2018 to 5/25/2019
•  Clark/Fackler 6-8 (2 teams)  (Baseball)
Recurrence: Weekly from 10/27/2018 to 5/25/2019
•  Santos 10-12  (Baseball)
Recurrence: Weekly from 9/29/2018 to 5/25/2019

Fine Arts Events
•  Sullivan visit during AT  (MCHS Performing Arts Center)
11/19/2018 to 11/20/2018
•  David T Wilson Play Practice  (MCHS Performing Arts Center)
Time: 3:00 PM
•  7:50-8:10----Y-Club  (MCHS Performing Arts Center)
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The PTSO will be holding a painting fundraiser with Carrie with Bowerbird Paintingon November 6th.  Painting starting at...
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MCHS offers lots of academic and artistic opportunities for students.
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Individual Learning Plan (ILP) at MCHS Students across Kentucky are completing an Individual Learning Plan (ILP). The Career...

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