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Alumni Membership Form

Annual Membership Dues/Alumni Banquet Reservations


Are you a graduate of a high school in Meade County, such as, Flaherty HS, Ekron HS, and others from the past?  Are you a graduate of Meade County High School?  If you answered yes to either question, then you are a member of the Alumni Association of Meade County.  We want your help!  The Alumni Association will celebrate its 101st anniversary of graduating classes in Meade County this year.  As part of our campaign to bring more awareness to the community, we are highly encouraging all graduates to become active paying members of the Alumni Association in order to preserve the principles for which the association was founded.  This association can be used to benefit us all in communicating and planning for reunions, organizing volunteers for community based projects, and help raise funds for the current scholarship awarded by the association as well as increasing the number of scholarships.  The time has come to move forward with this great association.


ALUMNI MEMBERSHIP FORM - $10.00 per year per graduate

Since January 1, 2014, the Alumni Association began collecting active membership dues annually.  So, please help us by joining today and if you feel up to it, go ahead and pay your 2015 dues!  If you have a relative, make them aware of this or even pay their membership as a gift to them.  So, please help us and become an active member TODAY!


Name:_____________________________________ Phone: (_____) _____-________ 

                                                 (first, middle, last)                                                       (maiden)  

Address:___________________________________  Grad Year:___________  


City:_____________________ ST:___  Zip:_______  Email:_____________________




101st Anniversary BANQUET RESERVATION FORM - $15.00 per person

WHO:  Alumni Association of Meade County

WHAT: 88th Annual Alumni Association Banquet

WHEN: 6 June 2015 Social Hour:  5:30pm – 6:30pm; Dinner:  6:45pm

WHERE: Meade County High School Cafeteria

WHY: To celebrate the 101st anniversary of graduating classes in Meade County.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary class, the Class of 1965.

To award the L. H. Powell $1000 Scholarship Award.

To induct a graduate into the Alumni Association Hall of Fame.


Name:____________________________   _______________  Year:  ______

          (first, middle, last)          (maiden)

Name:____________________________   _______________  Year:  ______

          (first, middle, last)          (maiden)

Name:____________________________   _______________  Year:  ______

          (first, middle, last)          (maiden)


Deadline for reservations to the banquet is 23 May 2015.


Please enclose your check or money order made payable to:  Meade Co Alumni Association

Mail the form and payment to:



PO BOX 694