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2018 Summer School Registration Form

MCHS Summer School Registration


Student _________________________________


Mailing Address: Street/Box/Route____________________________________________


City _____________________________________State______ZipCode______________


Home Telephone_______________________________Alternate #__________________


You received a final grade below 60%  in the highlighted course(s) and may make up this credit during summer school.


Summer School will begin Monday June 4 - Friday June 29

Summer Hours  8:00AM-NOON Mon-Fri  


     English I            


English II           

Integrated Science II  

English III         

Integrated Science I   

English IV        


Algebra I           



Human Geography     

Algebra II          

European History      

Financial Lit      

US History               


Student Signature___________________________________ _____________Date______________


Parent Signature____________________________________ _____________Date______________


****If you Drive or if you are Dropped Off use the Freshman Academy  Parking lot. We will meet in the FA Cafeteria the first week. There may be construction restrictions which we will adjust to as they occur..


  • Return of this application registers the student for Summer School at MCHS for 2018.

  • Students may recover credit for any highlighted course during this session.

  • Students are expected to maintain regular attendance.

  • Poor behavior or attitude will NOT be tolerated.

  • Poor attendance and or poor behavior/attitude may result in removal from the program.

  • The school day will run from 8:00AM to: NOON, Monday-Friday

  • Transportation will NOT be provided.

  • Food will not be provided.

  • Students are asked to bring their own ear buds or head phones to use for the lessons.